Crisis After Crisis: What is VOC?

According to reportage, ozone has overtaken PM2.5 as the primary air pollutant in Guangdong Province since 2015. When people almost instantly link air pollution to PM2.5 nowadays, it is odd to know that other elements in air could also be harmful. The case did not come singly but in pairs. Once in May, 2016, Beijing also suffered... Continue Reading →


Trace: MEP sending out inspection teams

Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) publicized results of the first round of governmental inspections in 28 cities around the area of Jing-Jin-Ji. The public notification indicated that more than 2/3 enterprises in the inspected area have issues with protecting the environment more or less. Most frequent problems were illegal business operations, waste disposal facilities being... Continue Reading →

Unfamous Soil Contamination

In the last blog, we took a look at the event of School that should never been built. The infamous event brought soil contamination to spotlight. Even so, it is an "unfamous" problem of China, compared to air and water pollution. Being unfamous does not at all equal to newness or being not severe. As early as... Continue Reading →


School that should never been built

One year ago, a news program in China Central Television broadcasted a report titled "School that should never been built". It is a well-known high school in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in China. The School moved its campus from the city centre to the current one in 2015. After several months schooling since September, 2015, more... Continue Reading →


Are tote bags really more environmentally friendly than plastic bags?

Do you have a canvas bag at home? Do you remember why you bought it, for shopping, fashion or anything else? Tote bags became popular in 2007 when "I'm not a plastic bag" attracted 80 thousand people to queue at Sainsbury. In China, also at the end of 2007, a regulation was put into practice to... Continue Reading →


Tomb-Sweeping Day: Tradition v.s. Environmental Protection

The Chinese Tomb-Sweeping Day is coming. As a tradition, people burn joss sticks and paper money for family members who have passed away. When I was little, elderlies in the family told me that people who passed away are alive in another world, which is why we needed to send them money to use, through folding... Continue Reading →


Easy Time: Enjoy Miyazaki

Topics on environmental protection are mostly heavy. The earth has been polluted, its air, water and land. People are suffering from disasters resulting from climate change or pollution. Animals and plants are living harder lives are on the edge of extinction. Even movies with the topic on environmental issues are heavy. There are documentaries which... Continue Reading →


Where should the used batteries go?

Living and studying in UK for more than half a year, I have gradually formed the habit of classifying wastes. The reason that I form this habit only in the past half year is not that I am not aware, but that the policy of classifying wastes has never been put into effective practice at home.... Continue Reading →


Let’s celebrate on data and keep alert with data

Caijing Magazine, an independent magazine in China, claimed that Beijing had little improvement with air conditions in 2016. Earlier published by Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, average concentration of PM2.5 in Beijing decreased by 9.9% in 2016 compared with 2015. However, a research done by Peking University showed an increase of 6.7% for the same... Continue Reading →


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