What’s this blog about?

Hi everyone! This blog is going to talk about pollution situations in China, including both current situations and solutions in terms of public policy, technology, etc. in history and future. The aim is to arouse public awareness around pollution and collect helpful solutions around the problem.

As a student from China, environmental problems are big concerns in my perspective of view. Currently studying in the United Kingdom, friends and family from time to time express their jealousy to me because the air condition is much better here than in China, especially Beijing where I used to live and study.

While air pollution is widely known and concerned for massive media coverage and public discussions, water, plastic and waste pollution problems are as well essential and influential to human lives, and will be covered in this blog.

Pollution has not only been a problem for developing countries now, developed nations also suffer occasionally, like London this January. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that pollution is a global issue. How developed countries tackled these problems, how they are doing it now in terms of emergencies, how China is dealing with pollution and how can historical experiences help are what this blog will try to focus and connect.


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